Supporting Pregnancy Centers During Times of Turmoil

NIFLA in the Washington Examiner: “SEE IT: Virginia pregnancy center vandalized with pro-abortion rights graffiti”
May 9, 2022
Thomas Glessner in Townhall: “Pro-Abortion Advocates’ War Against Pro-Life Centers Reveals Their True Nature”
June 18, 2022

Pregnancy centers play a vital role in the pro-life movement. They empower women by equipping them with knowledge. Through ultrasound screenings and counseling sessions, women gain a better understanding of abortion, the alternatives to abortion and the available resources. This, in turn, helps them make informed and well-thought-out decisions.

The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates has a network of approximately 1,600 pregnancy centers. Over 1,400 NIFLA affiliates are also licensed medical centers. Our centers provide life-affirming services and resources to women facing unplanned pregnancies. These include parenting classes, diapers, baby formula, post-partum care, baby clothes and much more. Some NIFLA centers also provide care and support for those who are struggling after abortion.

Next Step Pregnancy Center in Lynnwood, WA covered in threatening, pro-abortion graffiti.

The U.S. Supreme Court listened to oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson in December 2021. Their final decision was supposed to come out in June, but an early draft was leaked to the press and publicized on May 2. The draft suggests that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. If the court stands by this decision, the abortion issue will return to the states. Then, the people will decide through their elected representatives how and when abortion will be restricted.

With the Dobbs decision rapidly approaching, women need love and support now more than ever. Pregnancy centers will need support and protection, too.

Pro-abortion radicals responded to the leaked draft with violence. They unleashed their wrath on churches and pregnancy centers across the country. They also doxxed the Supreme Court justices and began holding protests outside their homes. Clearly, their goal is to sway the court’s decision by any means necessary.

Vandal uprooting memorial bricks at the Trotter House in Austin, TX.

Approximately 11 pregnancy centers have been vandalized in locations around the nation since the leaked Dobbs opinion was published. Most centers have been graffitied with pro-abortion messages, including (but not limited to) “abortion is healthcare,” “not a real clinic” and “if abortion isn’t safe, neither are you.” Some centers have experienced other forms of vandalism, like broken windows.

Dove Medical is a NIFLA center located in Eugene, OR. The center was graffitied on May 27, according to a article.

The pro-abortion mob wants to silence those who support life. They want to intimidate those who work tirelessly to help women and babies in need, but it will not work.

BeFunky-collage (1).jpg
Pro-abortion graffiti on First Care Women’s Health in Manassas, VA.

“It [the vandalism] has also made us much more aware of our circumstances and determined to carry on!” Lori DeVillez – founder and executive director of the Trotter House in Austin, TX – said in a Pregnancy Help News article.

Fortunately, some centers have already received support from those in their communities.

The Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick – a NIFLA affiliate in Maryland – has a donor who owns a construction company. Shortly after abortion advocates graffitied the center, the donor covered the graffiti with a fresh coat of paint, according to a Christianity Today article.

First Care Women’s Health – a NIFLA center in Manassas, VA – said neighbors offered to powerwash the center’s graffitied windows, according to a Washington Examiner article.

If you live near a pregnancy center that has been attacked or vandalized, show your support by reaching out to them. Consider volunteering at or making a donation to that center.

You can also support pregnancy centers by making a donation to NIFLA. Regardless of what lies ahead, we will continue protecting pregnancy centers. We will continue empowering women through the knowledge and life-affirming resources our affiliates provide.

Heather Valenzano graduated from Iona College with a degree in Mass Communications, a concentration in Journalism and a minor in English. She wrote blogs on adoption and surrogacy during a previous internship with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma.