Board of Directors / Advisory Councils

Board of Directors

Stan Huie, Board Chair
Byron Calhoun, MD, Vice Chair
Robert Herman
Lynne Marie Kohm, J.D.
James Dundas, MDiv
Karen Poehailos, MD
Tina Ramirez

National Medical Advisory Council

NIFLA’s National Medical Advisory Council is comprised of medical professionals committed to the work of pro-life pregnancy medic clinics. They serve to endorse the work of NIFLA and serve as a resource in medical issues specific to this unique setting. NIFLA depends on the advice and counsel of the medical professionals for its network of 1,200 clinics nationwide.


Byron Calhoun, M.D.
Audrey Stout, R.N., R.D.M.S.
Marybeth Adams, NP
Jenifer Cook, MD
Douglas Crane, MD
James Crosby, MD
Marjorie P. Daniel, RN, RDMS
Joe DeCook, MD
Beth Dixon, RN, BSN
Mark Druffner, MD
Vicki Duncan, MD
Nancy Gibby, NP
John P. Grazians, MD
James R. Hattaway, MD
Mary Jo Heinrichs, MD
Jeffrey W. Hull, MD
Penny Leone, RN
Jane G. Mahaffey, RN
Leonard Marotta, MD
Pamela McKee, RN
Mary J. O’Sullivan, MD
Laurie Pittsenbarger, RN
Peggy K. Plunkett, RN
Evanna Proctor, MD
Jeffrey Puretz, MD
Randi Rainwater, RN
Karolyn Schrage, RN
Sam T. Sealing, MD, FACOG, FACS
W. T. Stalter, MD
Scott Stringfield, MD
Andrew W. Warner, MD