NIFLA Attorney Coalition

The NIFLA Attorney Coalition is your source for pro-life, legal networking and information in service of pregnancy centers.

Our vision is to develop a network of pro-life attorneys and to further inform and educate on pregnancy center issues. We want to support the work of local attorneys in service to local pregnancy centers.

Join a nationwide network of attorneys as we prepare for a post-Roe and abortion-free America.

We want to equip you and empower you to come alongside these amazing centers. We will do that by providing the following benefits as part of your membership:

  • Collaboration with NIFLA in the pro-life pregnancy center movement’s efforts
  • Periodic email updates on current legal issues
  • Access to monthly legal tips/clinic tips
  • Connection with your local pregnancy centers
  • Continuing legal education opportunities
  • Outreach to local law students on pro-life issues
  • Collaboration with other like-minded legal affiliations
  • Pro-life attorney referrals

Email Angie Thomas to learn more about being a part of this
growing network of pro-life attorneys.