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NIFLA is standing up for the most vulnerable among us—the unborn—by defending pro-life pregnancy centers against unconstitutional laws which attempt to force medical staff, volunteers and even churches to become abortion referral agencies.

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Founded in 1993, the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates provides pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics with legal counsel, education, and training. While supplying legal support needed to protect the work of these life-affirming centers and better equipping them to serve in their communities, NIFLA continues to grow and now represents more than 1,700 member centers across the country.

NIFLA is the national leader in the development of legal guidelines to help member centers convert to licensed medical clinics. Through NIFLA‘s The Life Choice Project (TLC), hundreds of centers have made a successful conversion to medical clinic status. By providing medical services, including ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, our member centers open a window to the womb for abortion-vulnerable mothers and families.


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