The verdict is in: today's pro-life pregnancy centers need the legal expertise, training and protection provided by NIFLA.

Today's pro-life legal environment is fraught with difficulties. Unconstitutional laws nationwide have attempted to force pro-life centers to advertise for abortion—threatening to fine and even close pro-life centers down if they refuse to comply.

NIFLA stood before the Supreme Court to fight for the free speech rights of pro-life pregnancy centers and all Americans. But while the NIFLA v. Becerra ruling stands against those who would target pro-life centers and end their life-saving work, the battle is far from over. Pro-life pregnancy centers need legal protection now more than ever before.

Get NIFLA In Your Corner

“I love receiving the clinic tips and coming back to my center and using them. ...all of the training I’ve received from them has been priceless.”
  —Tonya Brancato, Nurse Manager of Go Mobile 
"We are so grateful for the help that NIFLA offers us. Tom’s experience is so comforting."
  —Anne Hennessey, Executive Director of Right To Life League of Southern California
"I don’t know where any of our centers would be if we didn’t have NIFLA on our side.”
  —Gena Larson, Executive Director of Turlock Pregnancy and Health Center



In this challenging legal and medical climate, NIFLA president and founder, Thomas Glessner, extends a personal invitation to America's pro-life pregnancy centers.