Medical Clinic Conversion

Medical Clinic Compliance and Conversion

Two decades ago, NIFLA pioneered and developed a groundbreaking pro-life medical program using ultrasound to introduce mothers to their unborn children. Today, nearly 1,200 of NIFLA’s member pregnancy centers have converted to life-affirming medical clinics, and statistics prove the efficacy of providing free ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy to abortion-vulnerable women.

Established pro-life medical clinics report that more than 80 percent of abortion-minded mothers choose life after they see their unborn baby via ultrasound. Through the window to the womb provided by ultrasound, the personhood of these unborn children becomes undeniably evident.

Our goal is to have more pro-life medical clinics in operation using the invaluable tool of ultrasound, with clinics nationwide averaging 1,500 at-risk mothers a year. By achieving this goal, 1.5 million mothers contemplating abortion will have the opportunity to see the wonderful handiwork of the Creator move, kick and dance in celebration of life.

NIFLA’s experts are standing by to guide pregnancy centers through medical clinic compliance and conversion with all the necessary legal and medical guidelines. Learn more about how your pro-life pregnancy center can convert to a life-affirming medical clinic today.

Together, we can reach more abortion-vulnerable mothers and save lives.

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