NIFLA v. Becerra – Supreme Court Case Information

NIFLA stands for life in the highest courts of the land, fighting unconstitutional legislation targeting its member centers.
Whenever a pro-life medical center and its mission is threatened by anti-life policies, mothers and their unborn children are also under attack. NIFLA is their last line of legal defense.

Watch the video to the right for more information on this pivotal pro-life case, and scroll down for a detailed analysis of the NIFLA v. Becerra ruling and what it means for pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide.
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NIFLA Decision Analysis

The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of pro-life pregnancy centers and free speech 5-4 in NIFLA v. Becerra! Sign up to hear a recording of NIFLA's National Decision Webcast at today. Learn more about this historic decision as well as its implications for pro-life pregnancy centers and the First Amendment rights of all Americans.

Pro-life Supreme Court Case: NIFLA v. Becerra

Case Summary

In 2015 California passed AB 775, the so-called "Reproductive FACT Act.” This law mandates that medical pro-life pregnancy centers provide written or digital information to their patients - such as a sign in the waiting room - on how to obtain a state-funded abortion. This means that nonprofit pro-life medical clinics as well as their staff and volunteers are being forced to violate their consciences - an outright violation of their First Amendment rights.

In defense of the 150 California pregnancy centers it represents, NIFLA filed a lawsuit challenging this legislation. Arguments for this landmark case were heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on March 20, 2018.

On June 26, 2018 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of free speech and pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide.

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Fighting for Freedom of Speech While Standing for Life

Key Takeaway

Should the government be able to force a pregnancy center—that exists solely to further its pro-life mission—to tell women where they can get an abortion? Of course not.

The state of California attempted to pass a law targeting NIFLA's pregnancy centers to advertise for the abortion industry in their very own clinics.

On March 20, 2018, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) stood with Alliance Defending Freedom before the United States Supreme Court to argue on behalf of our affiliated pregnancy centers in California.

NIFLA v. Becerra is not just about whether or not to hand out abortion information on a piece of paper or post it on the walls of our pro-life centers. It is about the right belonging to all American citizens to be free from government-compelled speech, and from being coerced into promoting a message that contradicts their values,” said NIFLA Vice President Anne O’Connor, who was co-counsel in the lawsuit on behalf of NIFLA its member centers.

The NIFLA v. Becerra case stands to prevent government-compelled speech as well as unconstitutional targeting of those with differing viewpoints. Ultimately, the NIFLA v. Becerra decision is a win for pro-life pregnancy centers and the free speech rights of Americans nationwide.