NIFLA Pregnancy Centers Will Always #LoveThemBoth

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The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates provides legal and educational support to pregnancy centers. NIFLA’s network of more than 1,600 pregnancy centers stretches from coast to coast.

The majority of these centers are licensed medical clinics with doctors, nurses and medical professionals on staff. As they reach out in their communities, they play a fundamental role in creating America’s culture of life.

NIFLA cares about both the mother and the child. We strive to support women who feel scared and alone during an unplanned pregnancy. Our centers are committed to helping women regardless of their circumstances. They are prepared to guide and assist women throughout their pregnancies, and they will continue to uplift women after they give birth.

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, Americans strive to acknowledge the value of love. February is also a great time to recognize that NIFLA’s nationwide network of pregnancy centers is here to share love in its purest form – agape love – by providing care and support for women and babies all year.


Each center provides a variety of services at no cost. These include counseling, ultrasound testing, parenting classes, adoption information, education, referrals and more. By providing essential resources and a safe haven during times of trouble, pregnancy centers equip women with critical knowledge and tools. Many pregnancy center clients express deep gratitude for this life-changing support.

Counseling and Classes

Each NIFLA member center is dedicated to helping women and families in need. They are available to answer questions and address concerns. Women obtain information about all their options through counseling and ultrasound screenings, which help them make an informed decision.

Many NIFLA centers also have classes and programs to help women prepare for motherhood. Women can learn about breastfeeding and how to care for themselves before and after birth.

NIFLA pregnancy centers do not perform or refer for abortions, but they do provide information on procedures and risks. Some centers have programs for women who are struggling emotionally after having an abortion.

Amory with her son, Ryder, and her husband, Heath.

Amory Miller visited Liberty Women’s Clinic when she was pregnant with her son, Ryder. She spoke highly of the center in an interview.

“I remember when I got there, I met Missy [a nurse at Liberty Women’s Clinic], and she was the exact opposite of judgemental and all the things I thought it was going to be,” she said.

Amory is grateful that the staff was informative and supportive. They gave her hope during a dark time in her life.

“When you are going through times like that, sometimes just having someone to talk to is big. If I wouldn’t have sought help there [Liberty Women’s Clinic], I don’t think I would have come out of that darkness as quickly as I did.”
– Amory Miller

Amory also shared her experience with NIFLA.

Finances and Supplies

Pregnancy centers understand the financial struggles women face during an unplanned pregnancy, which is why their services are offered at no cost. Many centers provide diapers, formula, clothes and baby wipes.

Numerous families relied on pregnancy centers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many pro-life groups, including NIFLA, noticed an increase in pregnant women searching for aid.

Dr. Karen Poehailos was the regional medical director at a group of pregnancy centers in Central Virginia during the pandemic. She described the changes and challenges her center faced during an interview with Fox News.

“People who have never seen us before have come in for emergency help with diapers, wipes and formula because they’re unemployed now,” Poehailos, who is currently a NIFLA board member and NIFLA Assistant Medical Director, said.

Help Us #LoveThemBoth

Women need love and support when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. NIFLA centers are committed to supporting women in their communities even after the birth of their children.

This month, please help NIFLA spread the love of God for every precious human life. Consider donating or volunteering at your local pregnancy center. You can also support women, babies and families across the country by supporting NIFLA.

Heather Valenzano graduated from Iona College with a degree in Mass Communications, a concentration in Journalism and a minor in English. She wrote blogs on adoption and surrogacy during a previous internship with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma.