NIFLA Pregnancy Center Impact Stories: The Luna Family

SCOTUS Upholds Kentucky Ultrasound Law
December 9, 2019
Anne O’Connor’s Letter to The Washington Post’s Editor: “Women Deserve a ‘Window into the Womb’ Through Mandatory Ultrasound”
December 20, 2019

“Dear precious mother-to-be,

We have never met but our hearts are full of love for you. You and your unborn baby are of infinite worth.” 

Thus begins the letter a group of 12 women wrote to Mrs. Luna, a pregnant mother who went to Birth Choice Pregnancy Center in San Marcos, California. 

“When I read the letter, I was just like sobbing. I was just crying, it was just so beautiful,” Mrs. Luna said in a short video that Birth Choice produced.

This NIFLA-affiliated center was directly protected by the NIFLA v. Becerra Supreme Court decision last year that protected California pregnancy centers. Birth Choice Pregnancy Center was then able to help the Luna family and impacted their lives for the better.

“My husband and I weren’t planning on having another child. We thought three was enough. He was considering abortion and I looked up ‘I need an ultrasound today’ and Birth Choice just popped up,” Mrs. Luna said in the video.

 “I saw her just kicking away, just totally like fluttering everywhere. And that was the game changer. That’s life and I can’t take that away,” Mrs. Luna said.

The power of the ultrasound convinced Mrs. Luna to keep her baby, and now she has a beautiful little daughter. 

“Now when I see him with her, he just looks at her and just loves her,” Mrs. Luna said about her husband in the short video.

“I would definitely urge any lady out there that they should go and talk to someone from Birth Choice. They’re not going to judge. They just want to help you. They want to love you,” Mrs. Luna said of the pregnancy center.

“I’m very happy that Birth Choice was there and just helped me see there is hope no matter what,” Mrs. Luna said. 

The power of the ultrasound on the Luna family’s decision to keep their baby is a great example of how important an ultrasound is for an abortion-minded woman to see.  

The recent Supreme Court decision not to hear a challenge to the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal’s ruling requiring ultrasounds before abortion in Kentucky is a wonderful victory that will hopefully help other abortion-minded women see their beautiful babies live on a screen and choose life.

According to a statement by NIFLA President and Founder Thomas Glessner, “We applaud SCOTUS’ decision to uphold the Sixth Circuit’s ruling mandating that doctors show the child in the womb using ultrasound as part of informed consent before abortions. 

In declining to hear this appeal, the Supreme Court has declared this law constitutional. This victory could indicate good news for a decision to hear a Supreme Court challenge to a similar Indiana law.”

NIFLA envisions an America where all life, born and unborn, regardless of age, handicaps or infirmities, is cherished and protected under the law. We hope no woman will feel that she has no other option but to abort her child. But even in such situations, we are here for her in her grief and pain—always.

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