The Life Choice Project (TLC)

A Comprehensive Medical Conversion Program

Because ultrasound is such an invaluable tool in revealing the personhood of unborn children, pro-life pregnancy centers across the nation are seeking to transition to medical clinic status so they may provide this critical resource to vulnerable women.

The Life Choice Project (TLC) is NIFLA’s unique comprehensive program developed to help pregnancy centers convert to medical clinic status. TLC provides key resources needed for a successful transition and avoiding legal pitfalls, removing the worry about what to do next.

A pro-life pregnancy center investing in TLC receives the following benefits:

  • A dedicated NIFLA-trained Medical Clinic Consultant;
  • A Nurse Manager Mentor to help train your nurses in medical procedures;
  • NIFLA Medical Clinic Manual;
  • NIFLA Medical Membership for one year;
  • Sample Medical Policy and Procedure Forms that satisfy federal OSHA standards and national medical standards;
  • A Legal Audit and Organizational Audit;
  • Conversion Action Plan, a detailed step by step plan developed for your conversion;
  • Registration for two nurses and one director in NIFLA’s Institute In Limited Obstetric Ultrasound;
  • NIFLA Board Training to address legal liabilities and the nature of the non-profit corporation;
  • An On-site visit from your NIFLA consultant;
  • Eligibility for a Discounted Insurance Program specifically designed for pregnancy centers; and much more!

Click here today or call the NIFLA office at 540-372-3930 to learn more about TLC and medical conversion for your pro-life pregnancy center.