Thomas Glessner in Townhall: “Real Feminists Defend the Unborn”

NIFLA: Becerra Wrong For Pregnancy Centers, Women’s Health
March 29, 2021
Thomas Glessner in Washington Examiner: “Why the Supreme Court Should Deliver a Death Blow to Roe v. Wade”
May 22, 2021

“March is Women’s History Month. The media has featured articles about many impressive women and their contributions to American history. However, it appears one thing is required before a woman can be honored. She must also be a supporter of so-called reproductive rights—code for abortion. 

Today, celebrities brag about their abortions in the name of feminism. Actress Jameela Jamil claims her abortion was the “best decision” she ever made. Comedian Chelsea Handler says she is grateful for the two abortions she had at 16. Singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks credits the success of her band, Fleetwood Mac, to her 1979 abortion. These women are hailed by the media as feminist heroes for their bravery and pro-choice positions.”

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