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Podcast: The Declaration of Dependence with NIFLA President Thomas Glessner, Part 2 — Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk
July 3, 2015
43 Years Ago Today
January 22, 2016

Dear NIFLA Member,

I am pleased to announce to you the publication of our new Blog — Beyond The Pregnancy Test: Medical and Legal Perspectives. You may access this Blog by going to the Membership Section of our web site at www.nifla.orgthe wild (1)

This monthly publication will contain short discussions of various topics of interest to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) and pregnancy medical clinics (PMCs.. Some will provide technical legal and medical information while others will be stories and testimonies from our members that will inspire you.

I know that you will enjoy reading the articles contained in this Blog and will be challenged and encouraged in your life-affirming work. As a NIFLA member you are encouraged to submit articles to encourage your fellow members in their work.

Thank your for all that you are doing in defense of life.Tom Glessner

Thomas A. Glessner, J.D.