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October 14, 2016
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November 9, 2016

The Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center (FPC) will soon be seeing clients offsite in Ruther Glen, Virginia as we hope to expand our reach and meet our clients where they are!

Ruther Glen is a rural community located in Caroline County approximately 30 miles from Fredericksburg, the closest city north, and Richmond, the closest city south of Ruther Glen. The area has seen much needed growth in available services over the past few years. With the community connections made by the FPC staff, we are being affirmed and welcomed with open arms as we prepare to offer services in the Ruther Glen area.

FPC has a large, permanent ultrasound machine located in our center in Fredericksburg but we also have a portable ultrasound generously purchased with donations from individuals and groups such as the Knights of Columbus. FPC has used the portable ultrasound for educational purposes over the course of the last year which has brought further affirmation of the need to have a presence in the Ruther Glen area. We are excited and energized by the path and the opportunity to offer the medically-indicated ultrasound to women and families who deserve to know all the facts about their unborn so they can choose life.

After searching and speaking to doctors’ offices about using their existing facilities after hours, we found an office in Ruther Glen more than willing (delighted) to let us use their facilities to start seeing clients one afternoon a week. FPC has made connections with three other doctors’ offices in the county who also extend a warm welcome and the validation that these services are much needed.

The Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center serves the counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, Caroline and the City of Fredericksburg. This satellite location gives us the opportunity to meet our clients where they are in Caroline County. We have a newly trained sonographer who underwent hours of training in order to help clients in the Ruther Glen location. It takes many hands to serve each client and we thank the Lord for sending us other professionals who are also completing the required training. We will begin seeing clients in Ruther Glen in the next few weeks and hope to expand, using the same template, to other surrounding counties in the near future.

We are working to serve our communities by networking with other healthcare professionals to establish satellite locations. Using this core template draws good people together to help where the needs are greatest.

For now, we praise the Lord that he gives generously and abundantly. He has answered our prayers that we act wisely with donations and effectively use the equipment we have been given.