Thomas Glessner in Townhall: “What Would a Post-Roe America Look Like?”

Thomas Glessner Statement in Caffeinated Thoughts: “Trump Signs 2020 National Sanctity of Human Life Day Declaration”
January 22, 2020
Anne O’Connor in World Magazine: “LIFE | Title X changes free up more funding for pro-life pregnancy centers, but should they take money?”
March 2, 2020
Source: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File

“Millions of Americans have labored for years to see the end to abortion. They have founded thousands of agencies – pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, counseling agencies, and more – to provide mothers considering abortion life-affirming options to empower them to choose life. Such labors have made a huge difference in reducing abortion, from an annual high of 1.6 million in 1991 to currently under 900,000. Yet, abortion continues to exist because Roe continues to exist.

It goes without saying that abortion will not be ended as long as Roe is on the books. However, the demise of Roe will not end abortion, at least in its immediate aftermath. Rather, the end of Roe would allow each state to determine the legality of abortion and any restrictions required.”

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