Thomas Glessner in Townhall: “NIFLA v. Becerra: One Year Later, Still the Most Significant Abortion SCOTUS Case in Decades”

President Trump, Vice President Pence, NIFLA and ADF Honor First Anniversary of Supreme Court NIFLA v. Becerra Decision
July 8, 2019
Pregnancy Center Director Reflects on a Beautiful Calling
July 31, 2019

“Last week during the debates, almost every Democratic candidate brought up the issue of abortion and the Supreme Court. Over the past few years, only one SCOTUS case dealt with abortion: NIFLA v. Becerra. 

It’s now been one year since the Supreme Court announced their landmark ruling in favor of the free speech rights of pro-life pregnancy centers and all Americans. It comes as no surprise that President Trump touched on the significance of this case in a speech this week at the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Vice President Pence tweeted about it along with hundreds of others.

Every opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States has a major impact. Rarely can it be said that one SCOTUS opinion saved the Constitution. However, nearly one year ago SCOTUS did exactly that.”

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