Thomas Glessner in the Washington Examiner: “The sound of heartbeats will lead to the end of abortion”

Living Hope: A Call From the Lord
October 30, 2019
NIFLA Pregnancy Center Impact Stories: The Elle Project
December 4, 2019

“Ongoing support and friendship, material assistance, referrals for medical and legal help, housing, referrals for adoption, and other such services provide a firm foundation of support for these women during this time of uncertainty and save the taxpayers money. A critical study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found that the work of these life-affirming agencies saved taxpayers $161 million in 2017.

Over 1,500 of these agencies operate as medical clinics providing key medical services. Chief among these is a medical diagnosis of pregnancy through ultrasound. This medical diagnostic tool confirms pregnancy and allows a mother to see the reality of her human infant in utero. Pregnancy medical clinics are reporting that once given that opportunity, 80-90% of such mothers choose life and not abortion.”

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