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  • Destiny’s Team


    An intense choice between life and death threatens to destroy the moment of glory for an NFL superstar! Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback Jason O’Connor has led his team to a conference championship and a spot in the Super Bowl. During the two-week time period preceding the Super Bowl, O’Connor is confronted with ghosts from his past and is faced with an agonizing choice between life and death. His resolution of the issues with which he is battling will impact his ability to play in the big game. In his struggle to do what is right, O’Connor finds redemption and a second chance.

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  • The Emerging Brave New World


    With foreword by Senator Tom Coburn, United States Senate.

    Thomas Glessner writes of the gradual dehumanization on human beings that has invaded American culture and has accelerated at a frightening pace since the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade. The subsequent dehumanization of unborn human beings and the emergence of abortion on demand have opened the door to a culture where humanity is redefined and those deemed of insignificant value are eliminated.


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  • nifla

    What About the Father?


    What About the Father? is a color, tri-fold brochure which answers common questions about the nature of the relationship between the client and the father of the baby, such as: “May the mother leave the father’s name off the birth certificate?”, “What about child support?”, “How does paternity testing work?” The brochure includes your center’s contact information printed on the back cover.

    Price is for 100 brochures. Allow three weeks for delivery.

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