"I'm Keeping the Little Nugget" Story

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April 28, 2016
[Daily Caller] Pro-Choice For Thee, But Not For Me
August 1, 2016

The following is an encouraging short-story from Pregnancy Solutions & Services, in Akron, OH:

One of our nurses was performing an ultrasound on a client who was abortion vulnerable. After talking during the appointment, they realized they knew each other from one of their kids sporting teams. Once a connection was made, our nurse helped her talked through her story and the stressful situation she had now found herself in.

Our nurse shares, “I started sitting by her at our kids games, never mentioning PSS, just being mama friends.”

One day, she leaned over and whispered to our nurse, “I am keeping the little nugget.” Needless to say, our nurse was overjoyed and saw God’s goodness play out right in front of her.

This past month, our nurse was able to hold the baby she saw on the ultrasound screen at 6 weeks, who she wasn’t sure if he or she was going to live or not. 

Both mom and baby (a.k.a “little nugget”) are doing great!

Please know that you are where you are in this ministry for a reason. Whether you see the harvest or not, you are all planting seeds! Stay strong and stay faithful. Never stop praying.

Special thanks to Executive Director, Brett Faris for sharing this story!